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Chemicals treatments

Clearly there will be continued pressure from consumers to reduce or eliminate the use of post-harvest chemical treatments for apples and other fresh produce. The number of products with label recommendations for use as post-harvest treatments has declined over the … Continue reading

Strategies for control of ethylene production

Strategies that offer the prospect of improved control of ethylene production in apples include: Conventional breeding techniques – selection of genotypes with low production rates. Biotechnology – control of expression of regulatory proteins (ACC synthase and ACC oxidase) by genetic … Continue reading

Strategies for reducing ethylene in stored fruits

Ethylene gas is produced by apples during the process of ripening either on the tree or during storage. Ethylene, the ‘ripening’ hormone, triggers and co-ordinates many of the ripening changes that occur in stored apples such as softening and aroma … Continue reading

Strategies of maintaining flavour in stored fruits

Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage delays ripening and senescence changes in apples and preserves many important quality attributes such as firmness, acidity and soluble solids (sugar) concentration. However, one negative consequence of the use of CA storage for prolonged periods is … Continue reading

Summer fruit tortrix moth – additional information

Life cycle There are two generations per annum in the UK. Larval development has five instar stages. The pest overwinters as a second or third instar larva in a silken hibernaculum in crevices in the bark etc. There is often … Continue reading

Summer fruit tortrix moth (Adoxophyes orana Fischer von Röslerstamm)

Enlarge Summer fruit tortrix adults Male (left) Female (right) Enlarge Summer fruit tortrix egg batch on leaf Enlarge Summer fruit tortrix larva Enlarge Small holes in fruit caused by larvae Enlarge Fruit damage Enlarge Summer fruit tortrix leaf roll The … Continue reading

Table 6. Relationship between % starch coverage and starch score

  % Starch (blue-black) Starch score (Streif chart) 100 1 78-99 2 70-77 3 58-69 4 40-57 5 28-39 6 18-27 7 8-17 8 3-7 9 0-2                               10   The Ctifl chart is particularly useful for estimating starch patterns. … Continue reading

The identification of storage disorders, causes and varietal susceptibility

Apples supplied to the market need to be free from internal or external disorders and should have limited potential to develop disorders during the period from retailing to consumption. Growers need to recognise early symptoms of disorders during the monitoring … Continue reading

The physiology of flower and fruitlet drop in apples

The physiology of flower and fruitlet drop in apples The natural abscission (drop) of flowers and fruits Fruitlets were traditionally thought to drop off in response to the death of their seeds (embryos) and the cessation of the supply of … Continue reading