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Chemicals treatments

Clearly there will be continued pressure from consumers to reduce or eliminate the use of post-harvest chemical treatments for apples and other fresh produce. The number of products with label recommendations for use as post-harvest treatments has declined over the last few years. A list of products with current approval is given in Table 8.


Table 8.  List of products with label approval for use as a post-harvest dip or drench

Product Rate (metric)

1000 litres-1

Rate (imperial)

100 gallons-1

Ethoxyquin 3.7 litres 3 pints Bramley
Stopit 13.5 litres 10.8 pints Cox
Calcium Chloride Flake 13.5 kg 13.5 pounds Cox
Calcium Chloride Liquor 13.3 litres 10.6 pints Cox
Calcium Metalosate 6.3 litres 5.0 pints Apples


  • Before handling or applying a pesticide always read the product label and follow any other guide-lines for use supplied by manufacturers.
  • It is essential to follow the instructions on the approved label before handling, storing or using any crop-protection product.

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